HNP Steering Group

The Harberton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meets on the Last Thursday of every month from 7.00 to 9.00pm.

The Group can consist of up to 21 Voting Members.

New Members can be Co-opted by a Vote of Existing Members at Steering Group Meetings.

The Steering Group is guided by the Principles of Democracy, Transparency and Accountablity

More information can be found in the Steering Group Terms of Reference – click here

Please come along – you will be made very welcome and your views listened to during these meetings.

Current Members Include:

James Bell
Simon Blackler
Geoff Broom
Chris Caunter
Giles Clayden
Martin Clayden
Ginny Davidson
Shona Duncan
Anton Fitzpatrick
Denise Hawkins
Julian Holland
Peter Kirkham
Sally Lougher
Nuala McDonnell
Lorraine Osborne
Dennis Smith
Alex Williams
Charlie Wynne

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