Appendices and Archive

Scope of the Neighbourhood Plan

Maps of Special Places and Areas

Housing Numbers

Traffic Stats

Limits to the scope of the plan


Affordable housing

Reserved areas: maps of listed buildings, nature reserves, land quality, landscape quality.

Application Form for Designation of Neighbourhood Area


Archive of Updates

April 2018 HNP-Draft-as-amended-on-08-04-2018-V2

March 2018 HNP-Draft-as-amended-on-05-03-2018

December 2017 HNP-Draft-as-amended-on-13-12-2017

December 2017  HNP-Master-as-amended-on-07-12-2017

April 2017 HNP-Master-as-amended-on-09-04-2017

February 2017 Harberton-Neighbourhood-Plan-Draft-Feb-2017

July 2016  Neighbourhood plan draft July2016 v2

April 2016  Harberton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Draft April 2016

January 2016

June 2015
20150608 AmendedHousing Section Harberton neighbourhood plan

2012 – 2014

2012 – 2014    Full Backup of Original Docu-Wiki Web Site Nov 2014



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