The Story So Far

2012 – Harberton Parish Council resolved to create a Neighbourhood Plan
2013 – The HNP Steering Group was formed
2013 – Initial Consultation – A simple survey was sent to all households and open days were held in Harberton and Harbertonford
2014 – A first draft Neighbourhood Plan was written and published
2015 – Second Consultation – open days were carried out in Harberton and Harbertonford
2015 – Second Consultation – A detailed questionnaire was sent to every household in the Parish (two copies, twice over 3 months)
2015 – The responses from the open days and the questionnaires were compiled and published on the website
2015 – Re-draft the Neighbourhood Plan chapters based on the responses from the open days and the questionnaires
2016 – Consultation with SHDC
2016 – Detailed Consultation and re-writing of each chapter of the Draft HNP
2017 – Site visits
2017 – Site assessments
2017 – Detailed consultation with SHDC
2017 – Draft and policy adjustments
2017 – Site Detailed Assessments and Draft Conditions

Still to happen!

2019 – Summary of the re-drafted Neighbourhood Plan to be sent to every household with “Have We Got It Right” brief questionnaire
2019 – Create final draft of Neighbourhood Plan based on responses to the “Have We Got It Right” mailing.
2020 – Submit to Parish Council for approval
2020 – Parish Council to submit to SHDC and Planning Inspector.
2020 – If approved, SHDC will conduct a referendum in the Parish – a simple Yes / No Vote to support or reject the Neighbourhood Plan.

Next meeting dates and details

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