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  1. Barry Wilson says:

    Could you please explain when and how you conducted the consultation with regard to the housing sites, specifically site 9 Winsland House? I am a Follaton resident and am concerned about the proposals for site 9 and object to such proposals, especially in light of the views of SHDC planners as reported in your HNP Steering Group minutes April 2017. The proposal is essentially an extension of Totnes placed in the furthest corner of Harberton PC and the site has a myriad of issues – ecology, infrastructure, flood risk and drainage, landscape and policy.

    • admin says:

      Dear Barry,
      Sorry for the delay with responding to your comment. Thank you for your patience.
      Site 9, Winsland House, was first included in the HNP discussions in 2013. It was included by the Steering Group at the time as one of the only sites large enough to provide affordable housing for people in need from Harberton Parish and seen as one of the most sustainable in the Parish with good connections to Totnes. Its inclusion in the consultation would also give the steering group some freedom in assessing sites, without having to accept every other site in the Parish to fulfil the housing numbers quota provided by the Local Plan.

      The site was included in the draft Neighbourhood Plan in 2014 and consulted on in six open days (3 in Harberton and 3 in Harbertonford), between 2014 and 2016.
      It was included in a Detailed Questionnaire sent to every household in Harberton Parish in 2015, and the response to the site was the most positive of all the sites in the HNP.

      The HNP is still in draft form and we would welcome detailed comments about any site in the parish.

      It would be very helpful to have the Winsland House site included in the Totnes and the Dartington Neighbourhood Plan Consultations, ideally in their questionnaires to be delivered to every household in their respective Parishes. This way a democratic view of the site compared to other sites in the area can be accurately evaluated. This would be given more weight by the Steering Group than individual comments received from outside our parish.

      As a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group it is our role to create a plan expressing the wishes and aspirations of Parish residents as accurately as possible in relation to local planning and development matters. We welcome your comments and will be delighted to work with Totnes and Dartington Neighbourhood Plan steering groups as well as SHDC to ensure the HNP is aligned with the democratic views of our neighbouring parishes and the Joint Local Plan.

      Thanks again for your comments

      Harberton and Harbertonford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

  2. Kate and Tom Kempton says:

    Please Please Please…..could there be a consideration for increasing the number of allotments in Harberton. We have been on the waiting list for a year and have been told that no spaces have become available in this time. I know of other families also waiting and I fear that by the time any spaces come up our children will have grown up and missed out on the educational and enjoyable experience that growing our own veg could provide. Unfortunately we do not have garden so a bit of land would be so valuable to us.

    • admin says:

      Dear Kate and Tom, Thank You so much for your comment, your views are very widely supported by the community as shown by the results of the Neighbourhood Plan Survey.
      The Draft Neighbourhood Plan contains Policies to actively seek more allotment space. This is a task the HNP Steering Group have begun researching already.
      Please stay in touch for more information – please come to a meeting if you’d like to provide more support!
      Thanks again
      HNP Steering Group

  3. Peter Kirkham says:

    The road in Harberton between the stream crossing and the turning to Harbertonford is narrow for much of this distance and hazardous for pedestrians especially those pushing prams or accompanied by small children. To encourage motorists to think of this as a shared space, and to give some confidence to pedestrians it may be helpful to mark out with paint lines a ‘virtual pavement’ along one side of this section of the road. A similar arrangement seems to be working quite well in the village of Cott, and is being proposed in Stoke Fleming for a narrow section of road also used by pedestrians. To include this proposal in the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Harberton would elicit comments that might help in devising the best solution to this issue.

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