Parish Councillor Vacancies


Join our local team and become a Parish Councillor

Following the resignation of Ginny Davidson as Parish Councillor in the Harberton ward, there is now a vacancy for a Parish Councillor in the ward of  Harberton.  The Parish Council would like to fill both places by co-option as soon as possible.

A notice to advertise the vacancy was posted on the 24th February 2021.   Unless ten or more electors of the Harberton Ward, on or before the 16th March 2021, submit a request in writing for an election to be held, the Town/Parish Council will take steps to fill the vacancy by co-option.

No special qualification is required to be a councillor, indeed it is important that all sorts of people serve as councillors to give good representation of the community.  Training for new councillors is also available to help assist with understanding the responsibilities of the role.

If you would like to put yourself forward as a Harberton Parish Councillor for the  Harberton Ward please either get in touch with the clerk ( or come along to the next meeting of the Parish Council to introduce yourself.

If more people indicate their interest in becoming a Parish Councillor than the number of vacancies available, candidates will be asked to give a short verbal or written statement about why they are interested in the role, and the Parish Council will make their decision by a majority vote.

What do Parish Councillors do?

Harberton Parish Council is made up of 12 voluntary councillors, 6 from the Harberton Ward and 6 from the Harbertonford Ward who meet once a month to discuss and act on issues of importance to the local community.

At the monthly meetings Parish Councillors discuss and act on issues of importance to the local community.  The Parish Council sets and monitors how a proportion of local taxes are spent in the Parish, make comment on planning applications in the Parish and consider projects to help maintain, improve or enhance the local area.  Local Government is changing and Parish Councils are seeing an increase in the responsibilities and opportunities to influence decisions made that affect our local community.

Please see the following resources for more information:

All About Town and Parish Councils  prepared by The National Association of Local Authorities (NALC)

It takes all sorts prepared by NALC in 2011 as part of a drive to encourage individuals from under represented groups to become local councillors.