On this page you can see the details of all the people who make up Harberton Parish Council and its committee groups.
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The full Parish Council:

Harberton ward

David Camp (Vice Chair) Daynes Farm, Harberton, Totnes, TQ9 7FB t: 07855 774098 e:

Ginny Davidson (Chair) Harberton Manor, Harberton, TQ9 7SP t: 01803 847659 e:

John Hockings  Langford Farm, Harberton, TQ9 7LN t: 01803 863203

Martin Phillips  Bridge House, Harberton, TQ9 6EW e:

Nick Williams  2 The Old Hall, Tristford Road, Harberton, TQ9 7SD t: 01803 864413 e:


Harbertonford ward

Peter Beamish  11 Riverdale, Harbertonford, TQ9 7TJ t: 01803 732476 e:

Chris Bowley Fine Pine, Woodland Rd, Harbertonford, Totnes TQ9 7SU e:

Gwen Janes 5 Marl Park, Harbertonford, TQ9 7TH t: 01803 732447

Nuala McDonnell  Newhouse Farm, Washbourne, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7UD e:

George Waite  Stonesthrow, Old Road, Harbertonford, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7TA e:



Parish Clerk

Cat Radford  Harberton Parish Council, c/o Little Cholwell, Harberton, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7RZ t: 0845 557 8469 e:

Tree Warden

Chris Bowley Fine Pine, Woodland Rd, Harbertonford, Totnes TQ9 7SU e:

District Councillor (West Dart)

John McKay Lyndhurst, Woodcourt Road, Harbertonford TQ9 7TY  t: 07810 007760 e:

County Councillor (Totnes and Dartington Division)

Jacqi Hodgson  9 Argyle Terrace, Totnes TQ9 5JJ  t: 01803 840526/ 07922 411266 e:


Finance Committee:

Councillors David Camp (Chair), Peter Beamish, John Hockings, Gwen Janes, Nick Williams.


Harberton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:

Cllr Ginny Davidson,  Roger Hands, Sally Lougher, Cllr Nuala McDonnell (Chair), Stanley Oldfield, David Sprent, Alex Williams.