Next meeting notice

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The council meets on the second Tuesday of each month except August, alternately in Harberton and Harbertonford.  Meetings are open to the public and there is a period at the start  for the public to address the council should they wish.

Notice of the date of the meeting, venue and agenda is published here and posted on notice boards in Harberton and Harbertonford with three clear days notice of the meeting, not including Sundays or bank holidays.  Information is not updated after this posting deadline.

The Parish Council also schedule Planning meetings and Emergency General Meetings and meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan and Finance  Committees, for which agendas are also published on this page.  See the calendar for details of the next scheduled meeting.

Agenda:Ordinary Meeting of Harberton Parish Council 7:30pm 10th December 2019 at Harbertonford CE Primary School

Item 4_1 20191112 HPC Ordinary Meeting Minutes DRAFT
Item 4_2 20191116 Extraordinary Site Meeting Minutes DRAFT
Item 9 Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Draft for consultation (NB this links to an external site)
Item 10 Joint Local Plan Supplementary Documents for consultation (NB this links to an external site)
Item 14_1 HPC Information Data Protection Policy
Item 14_2 HPC Subject Access Request Form
Item 14_3 HPC Data Breach Reporting Form
Item 15 Dec 19 Payments