Parish Notice Board

This page will contain information relating to specific issues/concerns in the Parish to share with local residents.

February/March 2023 road works in Harbertonford

Please find information here showing most recent plans for re-siting the zebra crossing in Harbertonford.

A new Emergency Directory for Harberton Parish needs your help!

Recent local flooding in Harberton and Harbertonford showed what incredible community spirit that we have here in the Parish, one which makes it such a lovely place to live. However, the Parish Council would like to take some of the lessons learnt from that incident to pool together local knowledge and provide the community with greater collective information that can increase resilience within the local community when dealing with emergency situations.

Are there things that you currently do to prepare for adverse weather or emergency scenarios that help the local community? Do you have any confusion or need clarity on what you need to do to prepare for local emergencies? Is there anything tips or information that you have learnt through recent events that you feel you would like to share with the community?

Please email the Parish Clerk at if there is anything you could helpfully share. And, if you would like to get involved with the creation of the Emergency Directory please let us know!

Flooding in Harberton Parish on on 17th September 2023

2023 Flooding Notice Board: Please click here to find information relating to flooding in Harberton Parish on 17th September 2023