Housing Consultation Exhibition

These nine information panels have been compile to provide an overview of the Neighbourhood Plan, highlighting the key issues for housing in the Parish, and introducing the Site Options Assessment process. Information has been provided about two potential housing sites in Harberton. The information panels also outlines proposals to designate specific sites in the Parish as ‘Green Spaces’ and to protect local views.

You can download all information panels as a PDF here, or view the images below.

Additional Material to View

The following documents have been made available alongside the exhibition for those interested in finding out more details:

Complete the Housing Consultation Questionnaire

Having viewed the information panels, please share your views via the Housing Consultation Questionnaire (HTML). The online version became be available via this website from the evening of 10th July until 27th July 2024. A paper-based version of the same questionnaire has been available at the exhibitions held at St Peter’s Church, Harbertonford (between 1st – 6th July) at St Andrew’s Church, Harberton (between 8th – 12th July) and at the consultation event on Saturday 13th July 2024.