Local Elections 2019

Local elections will take place across the UK on 2nd May 2019 to elect District and Parish Councillors.

Harberton Parish Council received notice from South Hams District Council that as the latest time for delivery of notices of withdrawal of candidature, namely Thursday 9 April 2015, having passed, those who stood as a councillor for Harberton Parish and validly nominated were duly elected without a contest before the election of the 2nd May 2019.

Please follow the link to the Return of Result of Uncontested Election for a full list of names of those duly elected.

There remains two vacancies in the ward of Harberton and one in the ward of Harbertonford that will be filled by co-option at the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 14th May 2019. If you are interested in filling this vacancy please follow the link to the councillor vacancy page for information about what a Parish Councillor does.

The election for District Councillor for the West Dart ward will take place on 2nd May, please find a notice of the poll here.