Harberton Parish Council seeking Parish Lengthsman Services

Harberton Parish Council Invitation to Tender

TitleParish Lengthsman Services
ContractorHarberton Parish Council
Contract periodDecember 2022 – March 2023 This initial contract will run for a period ending 31st March 2023.  It is possible that the contract be extended to the following year if the pilot is successful.
Deadline for submissions5:00pm Thursday 1st December 2022
Contact detailsCat Radford, Harberton Parish Clerk clerk@harbertonparishcouncil.org 0845 557 8469

1. Background

Due the reduction in the number of Parish Lengthsman staff employed by Devon County Council and with it the reduction in the regularity of checks and associated maintenance throughout the year, Harberton Parish Council is inviting tenders for lengthsman work. 

Lengthsman work includes monitoring and clearing as required the infrastructure which drains water off the roads in the Parish, and the emergency clearance of blockages.

The purpose of contracting additional lengthsman services to supplement Devon County Highways’ maintenance of drainage features in the Parish is to reduce the risk of flooding of properties in the villages of Harberton and Harbertonford and in the Parish’s outlying hamlets.

In 2019 the Parish Council conducted a survey of the buddle holes in the Harberton Parish.  A map was drafted numbering the buddle holes and drainage features, with a report of the condition of those features.  A number of higher priority buddle holes were identified for regular maintenance due to the impact that build up of dead leaves and vegetable matter would have on properties downstream.

Applicants are invited to provide a quote to undertake the key tasks outlined below.

2. Key Tasks

The successful Parish Lengthsman will be required to:                      

  • Use the map and Parish Council’s 2019 report detailing 45 parish buddle holes
  • Focus first on the 10 buddle holes identified as being ‘high priority’ before working through the remaining mapped list in geographical groups
  • Undertake any simple maintenance (i.e. removal of leaves and debris) with hand tools.  Noting works undertaken through simple reporting and taking photographs of work done.
  • Making a note of any issues, or works that would require specialist equipment, such as hiring a jet wash so that those works could be co-ordinated over one visit. 
  • Clearing leaves and other debris from gully grid tops and drainage grips
  • Clearing vegetation from the entrances and exits of highway culverts

It is expected that the key tasks will be undertaken:

  • Once during the summer months, to review the condition of the drainage features since the last survey in 2019. 
  • In December 2022 to clear drainage features of leaves and vegetation after the majority of trees have shed their leaves.
  • To undertake additional visits as agreed with the Parish Council in circumstances where there has been heavy rainfall and run-off may prevent effectiveness buddle holes and other drainage features.   Discussion on the need for services will either be triggered by Parish Councillors and the Clerk noting impacts of heavy rainfall, or on observations by the contracted lengthsman. 

3. Hours and reimbursement

  • All key tasks will be specified, and the price agreed in writing between the Parish Council and the Lengthsman and approved by the Parish Council before any work is carried out.  This must include costs associated for use of tools, machines and materials.
  • Time required will vary depending on the season and the weather.  The Parish Council expects the Lengthsman to require up to 20 hours per year. 
  • If it is the Lengthsman’s view that more hours are required it will be necessary to consult a meeting of the Parish Council prior to proceeding with the work.
  • The Lengthsman will be paid 3 monthly, or as agreed, on submission of an invoice.

4. Contractor Responsibilities

The Contractor will wholly be responsible for the following:

  • Any subcontracted workers or staff employed for the purposes of the delivering the contract
  • Risk assessments appropriate to delivery of the contract
  • Provision of necessary training (i.e. Chapter 8 training)
  • All equipment and vehicles used in delivery of the contract
  • All insurances including public liability insurance.

 5. Submitting a quotation

If interested in the contract for services, please submit the following by email to clerk@harbertonparishcouncil.org:

  • Name and whether applying as sole trader, limited company, partnership, etc. If appropriate, include company name, company address, company registration number.
  • A quotation detailing:
    • your experience, qualifications and how you would manage the key tasks
    • A proposed hourly rate and your assessment of the hours required to undertake the key tasks described
    • Arrangements for reporting work done back to the Parish Council
  • Proof of insurances held
  • Proof of Chapter 8 certification
  • At least 2 testimonials/references

Deadline 5pm Thursday 1st December 2022. 

Quotations will be considered by the Parish Council on 15th December 2022. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this invitation to tender.

COVID-19 Meeting Risk Assessment

Harberton Parish Council

Covid-19 Risk Assessment for the resumption of indoor face to face meetings


Area or people at Risk Risk identified Control Measures Actions to take/taken Responsible person/s Review Date

Attending face to face meetings in a public place




Parish Councillors


Members of the Public


Risk of contact transmission of COVID-19 through touching

Consider need for meetings

Only hold a meeting if necessary


Consider continue to hold meetings online if legislation permits


Reduce the length of meetings and/or consider holding shorter meetings outside if appropriate.


·        Keep consideration of calling meetings on regular review (atleast monthly)

·        Consider alternative options such as a scheme of delegation


Parish Councillors



Ensure all council staff and members regularly washing hands in line with government recommendations.


Provide hand sanitiser on entry to Parish Council meetings and throughout with signs to encourage use


·         Provide information to Councillors on the Government’s handwashing campaign:



·     Purchase 70% alcohol hand sanitiser conforming to BS:EN 14476 (the standard that confirms the product to be effective against viruses such as Covid-19)

·     Purchase pump bottle

·     Print and laminate signs with pictures of effective hand cleaning

·     Encourage compliance from meeting attendees



Clean high touch areas (tables, chairs, light switches and door handles) and toilets with hot soapy water and bleach prior to meeting taking place with disposal gloves and aprons.  Cleaning must be carried out using disposable cloths. Cloths, gloves and aprons must be double bagged and stored securely for 72 hours before being thrown away in the regular rubbish.  Hands must be washed with soap and water for 20 seconds after removing gloves, aprons or other protective clothing after cleaning.


Do not use upholstered chairs that cannot be cleaned

·    Purchase cleaning products, including gloves

·    Liaise with venues on risk assessment and requirements in place for external hire

·    Consider restrict use of toilets to one stall in the men’s and one stall in the ladies so that this can be cleaned between uses.




Parish Councillors


Reduce number of contact points


Reduce shared papers  – do not circulate shared hand outs or pens/pencils


Reduce shared furniture, either removing tables that are not required or providing individual tables/seating areas



·        Provide digital copies for councillors to print their own

·        Remind councillors to bring own pens/paper

·        Set up the room in advance of meeting taking place


Risk of airborne/contact transmission through lack of social distancing in:


Small rooms

Pinch points or waiting areas

Hire larger rooms for meetings that allow sufficient space for social distancing


Follow ‘Safer Workplace’ guidelines as provided by Government


Follow venue protocol on arrival and departure times to avoid contact with other hall users


Follow venue guidelines on numbers of people who can use the hall, using a ‘first come first served’ approach should members of the public who wish to observe the meeting exceed the allowed cap


Consider allowing members of the public to view the meeting from outside through open windows


Consider means to enable access via digital streaming

·        Arrange meeting venues that meet criteria, liaise with them about protocol and share information with councillors and the public

·        Download ‘Safer Workplace’ guidelines and check against risk assessments and planning

·        Research public access through digital streaming from meeting venue location





Parish Councillors


Risk of airborne/contact transmission through lack of social distancing in:


Meeting set up

Ensure all those present can be seated with 2m distance from one another and from walkways and are seated side by side instead of face to face


Ensure sufficient circulation space to enable participants to access their seats without close contact with others


Open all windows and doors for increased air flow


·        Plan meeting set up in advance

·        Early arrival of staff to set up meeting following guidelines and measuring distances

·        Encourage shared responsibility for compliance




Parish Councillors

  Risk of contracting COVID-19 from an infected person

Following social distancing guidelines to not attend Parish Council meetings if you have symptoms


All Parish Councillors and Staff to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of attending the meeting, and following government guidance to socially isolate if they have a positive test


Request all meeting attendees to wear a face mask during meetings (unless they are medically exempt)


Encourage response to invitation to vaccine


Encourage participation in ‘Test and Trace’ – following venue requirements



·        Ensure that staff and councillors are CLEAR on the rules regarding the symptoms of COVID 19 and self-isolation if required to etc.

·         Print, laminate and install a ‘do not enter if you have symptoms’ sign on the outside of the meeting venue

·        Provide information on how to access lateral flow tests (requested online or by phone and delivered by post)

·        Update information on the Parish Council website and on the Parish Council agenda to encourage a culture of ‘protect one another’  compliance



Parish Councillors