Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Harberton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

2023 Consultation

Community Conversation
10th June 2023

A facilitated ‘Community Conversation’ was held at Harbertonford CE Primary School on the morning of 10th June 2023 with the purpose get a sense of what the main priorities and objectives should be for the Neighbourhood Plan.  It was also intended to show up any areas where further, more detailed consultation might be needed.

Participants were divided into groups of about five to discuss a series of three questions:

  • What do we love about living here?
  • What challenges and opportunities do we foresee over the next 10 years?
  • What would you most like to see happen here by 2033, and how could that be achieved?

Volunteer “scribes” took notes of what each group said.  The following information is/will be available on this website:

If you couldn’t make it to the event, you can still let us know your views on the main questions discussed (listed above).  And everyone can also comment on the priorities and ideas that emerged – do you agree with them? If so, or if not, let us know why.  Email us

2015 Consultation

In 2015 Harberton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held two open days held in Harberton and Harbertonford.  At the same time a detailed questionnaire was sent to every household in the Parish (two copies, twice over 3 months).

The responses from 377 questionnaires was compiled and the numerical data presented in three documents.  Please clock on the links below to download the initial numerical questionnaire results:




Please click on the links below to read all comments and numerical responses combined, as published 29th November 2015



Please click on the link below to read all comments from the HNP open days 2015 – Published 29th November 2015

Harberton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Open Days 2015 – All Comments

2014 Consultation

Following the April 2014 exhibition of the draft neighbourhood plan there was a public meeting in Harbertonford Village Hall on Thursday 24 April.

The exhibition display is permanently available as a pdf file:
Draft plan of April 2014, in brochure format (note that this document is obsolete: development continues).

There is a list of the comments about the 2014 exhibition, which was published before the public meeting and posted on the wall at the public meeting for review.  The paper responses were submitted on a housing questionnaire and on a general response form.

There are extended minutes of this meeting, with a compendium of comments made at the discussion tables.