Zebra Crossing Plans


In 2003 a zebra crossing was installed across the A381 in Harbertonford, outside the Maltsters Arms. Over the years the Parish Council has been in contact with Devon County Highways asking for more to be done to reduce road speeds through the village, and help to make crossing the road safer, particularly as there have been several accidents and near misses on the crossing itself.

Engineers working on behalf of Devon County Highways were asked to look at the zebra crossing offer a proposal for a revised zebra crossing layout that could somewhat alleviate the concerns with the existing crossing.

Upon looking at alternative locations both north and south of the river bridge, moving the crossing north approximately 20m that would reallocate an area of existing carriageway within Woodland Road as footway is considered to offer a marked improvement, primarily to improve visibility with traffic approaching from the south whilst not impacting the visibility from the north. Although limited, some footway widening on the east side could then also be undertaken to improve its link with Old Road.

It is not Devon County Council’s intention to move the zebra crossing as proposed without the support of the local community and to ensure it will not spend money on a project that will still be considered unacceptable.

The Parish Council would therefore like to ask residents for their views on the proposals, and to ask questions that could be put to the engineers.

Please click on this link to view the proposed layout for the A381 and the entrance to Woodland Road, drawing no. 70074832-001 Rev P03.

Please click on this link to see a document that attempts to collate all the issues that engineers understand to have been raised with Devon County Council and the responses provided to each as this may help to answer some of the residual questions around these issues.

Please give your views by either:

Responding to this online survey before Monday 12th June 2023

Writing to Cat Radford, the Parish Clerk at clerk@harbertonparishcouncil.org before Monday 12th June 2023

Attending the next meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 13th June 2023 to give your view directly to the Parish Council. If you are planning to attend the meeting of the Parish Council, please prepare to only speak for a maximum of 3 minutes to give your view.