2023 Flooding Notice Board

Following heavy rainfall between 16th – 18th September 2023, several properties and roads in both villages of Harberton and Harbertonford were affected by flooding. The Parish Council has set up this virtual notice board as a place to share information with local residents.

Please follow the links to find:

Collated responses to a short survey asking residents in Harberton and Harbertonford to share information about properties and roads that were flooded. There were 19 responses to this survey.

Responses from the Environment Agency to questions from the Parish Council. This includes queries that arose from Harbertonford residents made via the digital survey above. (Responses to questions about flooding in Harberton will come from a different member of the team).

Pictures of flooding and impacts of flooding in Harberton and Belsford

Notification of closure of the green lane uUCR 302, known as Watery Lane (running near Copperthorn Cross to Belsford)

A report produced by Harberton resident Peter Cogley on flooding in Harberton. The document aims to capture photographic information, describe the flood flow path and its effects, list the precursors, recommend mitigations for future events and act as a reference for Parish and District Council and the Environment Agency.

A website